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As a professional, I bring my knowledge and skills and blend that with a personalized approach to customize your film with first-class service, allowing you to feel comfortable from beginning to end.


Contact me to schedule a brief introductory call to make sure we are going to be a good fit and my approach aligns with your vision and priorities.

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Complete Coverage-

We cover your entire wedding day from hair and make up, all the way up to the dancing at the reception. We leave ONLY when we feel we have enough footage to complete your wedding film in full.

2 Cinematographers-

Receive footage from multiple angles and perspectives that compliments you and your wedding day.

Professional Audio Recording-

We will capture all the important moments from your vows and speeches that will further enhance the emotion of the story.

Aerial Coverage-

Capturing your wedding venue from the sky adds a unique and cinematic element to your film that only further enhances the whole viewing experience!

Highlight Film-

I will create a cinematic highlight film consisting of all the important moments from your entire wedding day from bride and groom getting ready to the vows and speeches that make us cry. Relive your full day in a way that only video and professional audio can capture!

Full Ceremony and Speeches-

We will deliver your full ceremony with professional audio with up to 3 camera angles so you have the entire experience as a seperate viewing experience to share for a lifetime. We also will deliver all speeches in full as another separate video.

Film Delivery

Sit back and relive those special moments in your own private online gallery. Easily share with friends and family.


  • TRAVEL EXPENSES:  Less than 30 miles (Included)
  • 40-80 miles: add $200
  • 81-150 miles: add $400
  • Over 150 miles add $400 Plus an extra $1 per mile.  

Call Joe at : 716.640.3052 for more questions or to book your date!  


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Why you NEED a Videographer at Your Wedding! 

  • High-Quality Production: We have the right equipment and expertise to capture high-definition videos with excellent audio quality.  We  know how to frame shots, adjust lighting, and ensure the best visual appeal.

  • Experience and Expertise: We have experience in shooting weddings.
    We know the flow of events, where to be at the right time, and how to capture key moments creatively and artistically.

  • Storytelling: We can create a narrative with your wedding footage, making it more than just a series of clips. A well-edited video can tell the story of your day, highlighting the emotions, reactions, and special moments.

  • Memories to Cherish: Your wedding video will serve as a keepsake for years to come. It allows you to relive the emotions, vows, speeches, and moments that made your day so special.

  • Unique Perspectives: We can capture unique angles and perspectives that you might not even notice on your wedding day, providing a comprehensive view of the event.

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that we are in charge of capturing these precious moments gives you peace of mind that your memories are in capable hands.

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